Translucent Ivory! African Waist Beads / Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet

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Translucent Ivory! - Wear it as a: Necklace! - Waist Beads! - Bracelet! - Anklet!

EzeBeads are all handmade. Each bead is threaded on a clear cord and closed with a metal screw clasp as seen in photos. BE CREATIVE and style them however you want.

Just pick a size and show us your Style!!!

BEAD SIZE: ~20 beads per 1 inch

DEFAULT LENGTH: 40-50 inches (Sizes may vary depending on color bead)

Adjust it yourself with the longest (DEFAULT) size ovoid the trouble and have us size and adjust them for you, simply follow the directions and order. All beads come with delivered with adjustment instructions.

If the option for adjustment is selected, please measure the area where you want the beads to sit and send us a message with the measurement after the order has been placed with your order number. The shipping time may increase.

All beads are multi-purpose - can be worn around the waist, as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. PLEASE NOTE we do not return waist beads that are custom adjusted to your specific size.

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